About Us

This company has was created the 17th of May of 2020 with the vision of helping you express yourself through clothing.


We are born rebel and we don't believe on the idea of mainstream fashion
You are unique and your clothes should be too. 

Therefore our main goal is to bring you the best unique style in all sorts of fashion; Classic, Casual, Street Wear, Avant-Garde and many more.


That’s why we have in our main roaster of clients, the most unique and stylish influencers on the entire internet and soon, so will you.

We have our headquarters in Spain and we produce our own products in Seoul (South Korea). We also work with trustful providers in Asia which Lefashionclothes.com has close business relations. 

This partnership allow us the opportunity to add more value to the store by bringing you more products that resonates with the core of Lefashionclothes.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us "here" and we will be pleased to assist you.


👑 We're all Fashion here! 👑